Malfoy's xoxo: [END] Simple Kpop Giveaway Part 2 by NNabilahZ

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[END] Simple Kpop Giveaway Part 2 by NNabilahZ


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Are you an EXOstan? Let's join this giveaway! 
Giveaway ini dianjurkan oleh Nur Nabilah dan disponsor oleh Unlimited Kshop dan Button badge bajet. Hadiahnya ialah EXO Unofficial Poster, 1 Set Running Man Button Badge, 1 Set EXO Name Button Badge. Dua set button badge ini bernilai RM70! Tiga orang pemenang dicari! Syarat giveaway sangat senang, so tunggu apa lagi? Jom join! :)

Due Date : 30 January 2014



Blogger Rilufa Regna said...

Best to you chingu! ^_^

Blogger Nur Aisyah said...

tlong join kn saya giveaway niy..satu pun saya x pham!! Ngehee ^_^

Blogger Lovenia Amira said...


Blogger Yoshy J said...

Good luck!! :)

Blogger AliaaNrl said...

Do you love Chen?!?!!?! Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Anonymous JinwoonxJunho said...

Chen biased? cx

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