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[END] Berry's 1st Year End Giveaway

This is my first time making a banner :) I'm not good with editing but I tried my best ..
Hope you like it !
-- About this giveaway --
Duration : 27th December 2013 until 20th Jan 2014 -1st Feb 2014
For her lovely followers

-- How to enter this giveaway ? --

1- You must be a follower of her blog OR Twitter
Why ?? Because this giveaway is for her lovely followers
The follow button is at the top of the page

2- Post an entry at your blog about her giveaway, like this one. Make sure there's link to her blog

Check her giveaway post for more details about this giveaway

The best things about this giveaway are the prizes !
The winners selection will be made by herself ! 
The most creative entry win !

The prizes are *drumrolls*


1. Baekhyun photocards/bookmark from Polar Light calendar. 

2. EXO-K postcards (unofficial)

3. EXO XOXO logo inspired felt keychains. (handmade by herself ^^)

4. Handbanners from 2013 Golden Disk Awards (this is her collection. she will only give away a few)

5. EXO-K stickers (unofficial)

7. EPOP/KLIK posters (random artists)


 (Brooches, deco stickers, mask, tudung bawal, knitted pouch, random plush keychains.

I'm an EXO stan ! I'm a fan of Tao & Chen ! I hope I can win Baekhyun Photocards from Polar Light Calendar



Blogger Rilufa Regna said...

Wah! So many cool stuff! I wish I can have >_<

Blogger Lizzie Manners said...

fighting! ^^

Blogger Yoshy J said...

awesome!! fighting!! :)

Anonymous JinwoonxJunho said...

This stuff is cool~

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