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[TUTORIAL] [2nd Method] How to change your Twitter background

Hi :)
This is the second method how to change your Twitter background .

This method can be use if you have a problem like this picture below . 


1) Click on the 'Settings' icon and then go to 'Settings' .

2) It will lead you here . Click on 'Design' .

3) Click 'Check out Themeleon' . 

4) It will lead you here . 

First, log in using your Twitter account and authorize the application . 

5) After you authorize the application, it will lead you back to Themeleon . As you see, there are 3 boxes . 

----- 1. Theme : You can choose this premade theme .

----- 2. Background : You can choose the premade pattern by clicking the 'patterns' or customize your own by click the 'images' .

----- 3. Layout : This is almost the same like this . You can change the colors according to your style .

6) Finally, click 'Save Profile' at the middle of the page to save your background . 

The result ... :D

I hope it's helping :D 

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